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Damage-Free Decorating Tips for Your Rentals

rental decorations and home decorWhether you’re a property manager creating contracts and determining the decorating rules for your rentals or you’re a tenant who would like to decorate but don’t want to damage the walls with nails or tacks, we’ve got tips for you. These damage-free decorating tips make sprucing up your rentals easy to do.

Tip #1: Ditch the Nail

This is an obvious one, but did you there are numerous other things you can use in lieu of a nail? A few things you can use include:

  • Adhesive strips- These strips are best used on smooth, flat surfaces and for smaller, lighter items, like picture frames
  • Adhesive nails- A little more durable, these combined with durable wire can be used to hang bigger items, like paintings. Nothing too heavy, though.
  • Double-sided tape- This is good for hanging items like posters, photographs (without the frames), and more. Just be careful removing them later on.

Tip #2: Be Careful With Nails

Sometimes, you just can’t ditch nails completely, and since filling in the holes left by nails isn’t necessarily a difficult task to do, many property managers don’t rule them out in their property guidelines. Still, when using nails, you want to be sure you do what you can to minimize the damage. A few things you can do include:

  • Use mollies when hanging things up on cinder block walls. This can help prevent the nail from sliding through the material and to make sure it stays in.
  • Planning ahead using measuring tape, a pencil, and a leveler to ensure whatever you want to hang looks good where it’s at so you don’t have to hammer in so many holes.
  • Being cautious with heavier items, which can damage the wall and anything underneath them.

Tip #3: Be Courteous

If you only plan on living in a rental for a short period of time, it may be a good idea to hold back on some of the decorating. This will help to minimize damage created just from a short period of living there and make it easier to pack once you decide to move out. This can be helpful for both you and your property manager when it comes time for you to move out.

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Posted by: visionrealty on September 20, 2018
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