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Get Your Property Ready to Rent Out

Empty white room with hardwood floors with a ladder and paint cans on the floor.

Whether you are renting a piece of property in or out of town there are a few things you can do to get the house into tip top shape. While managing your own property might not be something you want to do, we do have a great deal of tips and ideas to help you get ready to hand your house off to the residential property management team. After we take control of managing your rental, you can rest assured knowing everything will be taken care of.

Spring Cleaning

No matter what season it is, the obvious first thing you should do is clean up the property. A pristine home is more likely to attract tenants. This can include taking care of the front and backyard landscaping as well. Be sure to take a good look at the detail areas like baseboards, ceiling fans, under sink cabinets, and so on. If this job is more than you have time for there are many cleaning agencies that specialize in move-out cleaning. They know exactly what to look for and deliver results. Cleaning up can include taking care of walls that are stained by dust, a fresh coat of paint on the trim, and filling holes from wall hangings.

Take Care of Safety Hazards

Be sure to conduct a detailed inspection of the home focusing on areas that might be safety hazards. Be sure that all smoke detectors are up to date. Installing a fire extinguisher, while not a requirement, is a great way to provide an added measure of safety. It is after all your own property you are protecting. If the home is older you can also take the time to ensure all the electrical wiring is up to par. Be sure to be thorough in your safety checks. Preventing accidents and providing safety measures against disaster will make for happy and cautious tenants on your property. The last thing you want is someone getting hurt by something that could have been prevented.

Consider Added Insurances

While your home may already be protected by homeowners insurance consider looking into other options. Protecting your home against unforeseen circumstances is a wise idea. Most insurance agencies offer added landlord insurances for your protection. If you are not familiar or need further advice, our residential property management agency can lead you in the right direction.

Contact Our Residential Property Management Team Today

While you may have a bit of work to do moving out of your house, we can take care of the rest. With our residential property management services you can be sure that everything will be handled in a professional and effective manner. From marketing to lease management, we handle it all. Contact Vision Realty today.

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