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How to Find the Perfect Home When You Rent

There are many reasons why you may be looking at homes for rent instead of homes for sale. Perhaps you are a military family, or maybe you don’t want to be tied down with a mortgage. Renting certainly offers more mobility and wiggle room than the absolute certainty that buying a house brings. Many people believe that renting a home means compromising what you want in a home, but that is not necessarily true. There are many ways to choose a rental home so that you are always happy with the place you are living in. Here’s how.

First, Budget Out Your Expenses

Just like when you buy a home, the first thing you have to do is look at your finances. What can you realistically afford? Most real estate agents will tell you not to spend more than 30% of your income on you rent, so you have to really hunker down and look at the numbers. How much do you need for groceries, bills, utilities, debt payment, etc.? This way, when you do start your search in earnest, you can be sure to look at houses within you budget.

Second, Figure Out What You Want

What features are you looking for? How many bedrooms? These are all things you have to consider when looking for you home. Some common features you may want to look for are:

  • Backyard
  • Pet Friendly
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Fireplaces
  • Bathrooms- do you want a tub or full shower?
  • Are you looking for a two story or a one story?

These are just some of the things you have to think about as you go through your search. Remember, this a home you are going to be living in for the foreseeable future, so ending up in a home you don’t like shouldn’t happen just because you are renting. You deserve to be happy in you home, so take the time to ask these questions to get exactly what you want. 

Figure Out Your Location

When you are getting ready to make the final choice, a good way to narrow it down is to map out your day. If you are unfamiliar with the city, take the time to go and drive around the neighborhoods you are considering. Check out the schools if you have kids. Time how long it takes you to go to work- these details may seem minor, but it can really make a difference.

Get the Help You Need at Vision Realty

At Vision Realty, our agents are committed to helping you find the right home. We have many listings for homes for rent, and we are confident we can help you find the right one. Our agents know El Paso and know how to work with each client’s unique needs and situations. El Paso is a huge military town, so we know how to work with military families as well. Don’t settle for any rental home just because you are stressed or overwhelmed with the selection. Let our agents take it from here- contact us today to get started!  

Posted by: visionrealty on November 6, 2017
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