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Fixing Up Your Rentals After Messy Tenants

couple cleaning house as they move out of a rentalEven with tenant screenings, background checks, and interviews, the tenants living in our rentals can still be unpredictable–including their cleaning habits. So when they move out and they leave a big mess behind, you may have a huge, deep cleaning job on your hands. These tips from Vision Realty can help you clean up the mess in no time. That way, you can find new tenants as soon as possible.

Declutter and Donate

If they left any items behind, it’s a good time to dispose of them properly. If they look like trash and serve no useful purpose, they most likely belong in the trash or the recycling. If someone somewhere could use them, you can donate the items to Goodwill, a homeless shelter, or a nonprofit. That way, these items can be made good use of.

Clean the Carpets and Floors

It’s one of the first things potential tenants notice and one of the of the largest things you should clean. Deep cleaning the carpets, tile, and wood floors should be high up on your list of must-do’s. Not only can it make the rentals fresher and cleaner, it can also help to remove stains, bacteria, and evidence of a previous tenant–which is usually preferred by potential tenants.

Scrub the Walls, Windowsills, and Door Frames

You never know where dirt and grime will end up in a home, and often people neglect to clean the walls, windowsills, and door frames because of it. If you want to really to make sure your rentals are thoroughly spotless, ensure these areas of the unit are clean. That way, when potential tenants stop by to take a look, they won’t be able to find any dirty part of your rental homes. b

Hire the Professionals

Unless you want to get down and dirty in your rental homes, hiring professionals is the way to go to ensure everything is spotless and clean. Plus, this way, you can ensure that every nook and cranny of your rental homes will be spotless, making a great first impression with every tenant who stops by to take a look.

Vision Realty Can Help!

When you work with us here at Vision Realty, you can trust that you’ll find quality tenants and will have the resources available to help you properly clean out your rental homes once your tenants move out. Call us today for more information!

Posted by: visionrealty on October 4, 2017
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