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What Rental Property Management Teams Look for in Tenants

tenancy agreement and keyThe application process is similar, regardless of whether you rent from an individual or a rental property management company. That is because all landlords are looking for the same thing. That is, tenants who can pay the rent, have a proven ability and desire to pay rent and other bills in the past, and have a track record as a good tenant. Therefore, the screening process should begin with the first encounter when they ask to see the listing. Vision Realty can help you through tenant screening process.

Questions Rental Property Management Asks Prospective Tenants

Whether over the phone, through email, or a realtor, a good rental property management representative will inquire into why they are moving, when they would like to or have to move, and monthly income. The person that asks the questions is not trying to be nosy, they are simply making sure that it is worth both your time and theirs for them to see the listing. T Another thing that the rental property management company will ask is how many people will be living in the house or apartment. This is important because more people means more wear and tear on the property.

Rental Property Management Tenant Screening Process

If the prospective tenant makes it through the initial questioning, sees the place, and seems interested in moving in, then the next step is the application process. At this point, he or she should be asked to consent to both a credit and background check and offer up several references including a former landlord. Be advised that the person filling these forms out should respond with the same answers that were provided over the phone or red flags will be raised. Also be aware that good rental property management companies and representatives will never make a decision during the meeting in which the forms are filled out, regardless of what the sob story of the prospective tenant may be. In addition, these stories should not influence the decision making process in any way as in order to be in compliance with the Fair Housing Laws every applicant must be treated the same.

If you are in the El Paso area and are  in need of rental property management contact Vision Realty Property Management. They have been serving the community for over 25 years.

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